Is this normal

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  1. Good morning. I had a question regarding an issue that's been bugging me for 2 days now. My husband called the LV 1800 number to order a purse for me. The CS rep said it would take 2 weeks to ship the bag out. The bag is now discontinued. She took his cc information to charge the bag, but he has yet to receive a confirmation number through email. Is this customary? Does this mean someone can purchase the bag before it even ships?
    The times I have called, they usually transfer my call to the store that has it, they charge me immediately, send me a confirmation number, and ship it out same day. Is this now a new policy?
    Thanks for your help
  2. I would go directly to the source of information and call customer service to follow up and ask them.
  3. I had a similar experience happen to me. I called LV back in September about ordering a replacement strap for my LV Alma BB in vernis leather color Pomme d' Amor. These straps were still listed on the website but said to call for availability. I called and the guy I spoke with said that they were still showing a couple available at different boutiques. He took my CC info and said he would place the order. Said my card would be charged when the item actually shipped. After a week and a half of hearing nada, I called back. My order had never been placed and the item was no longer available. I was not happy...especially at the lack of communication on LV's end.

    My guess is that the item truly wasn't available when your hubby contacted LV but they were hopeful they could locate one or there were only a couple available and those were sold prior to your husband's order being placed. Sounds like they didn't follow back up with your husband same as they didn't follow back up with me.
  4. Thank you for your input. I called CS this morning only to find out that my husband was not able to place the order, but instead it was a product request (bs), and if able to locate the item and it doesn't sell within the next 2 weeks, they will send it to the distribution center where it will be packed and shipped. Apparently this is punishment for not having bought anything last year from LV. So LV now has this policy where if you don't purchase anything for more than a year your account is not priority and when you call to place an order, instead of being transferred to the store that has the item, all they can do is do a product request, which technically is their way of bs-ing you that if and when they have the time to locate the product you, you now have to wait 2 weeks before they contact you again, in order to verify you still want the item, charge you, and then ship it. Sooooo disappointed with LV right now!!!

  5. Actually this is how it is across the board. It's not about them bs'ing you it's about the other store not wanting to transfer items which they have that right. I went through this with the iPhone folio. It was not available online nor in my store but when they tried to get it transferred from the store where it was available the store would not transfer and told them I could call and order through them over the phone. So it has nothing to do with how much you order from them or how often. And yes when you don't purchase over the phone all they can do is place a product request from the other store hoping they will send. Even my SA told me it was a long shot. Unfortunately LV stores and online all work independently so to speak - what one will do another may not. Just the way it works.

  6. Hi,

    What bag were trying to get?

    CS took your H info, because the bag was/is not available for purchase, that's why he wasn't transferred to a store, no shipping confirmation. They only actually charge a card, when the item becomes available and ships.

  7. Hi CornishMon,

    From my experience, they are checking purchase history. I actually called the boutique I usually visit, looking for an item back in Jan of this year. They didn't have it, but the lady assisting me saw one available in another state. Prior to this, I had never purchased anything by phone. I didn't do a product request, nor was it offered/given. The lady that assisted me, asked had I made a purchase within the last year. Also, she checked to see if I had made a purchase within the year. She transferred me to the store. Otherwise, I'm guessing I wouldn't have been able to place an order by phone, if I had not purchased anything from LV within the year. I am not certain if how much someone actually spends play a role. Then again, it might...
    certain situations...

    As for the transfer, I didn't want the item transferred to another store. But, I think you are right, it varies/depends on the actual store whether they will transfer an item or not. Also, this will probably be more challenging now that they are on commission.
  8. Some stores are way down the priority list when it comes to stock. For example, the Flag Ship in NYC will receive pieces the store in Townville, KS may never even get. I
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    I have no idea about ordering over the phone? I was simply stating that no matter how often you purchase some things are just difficult to get if the item is not in your store or available online. It all varies depending on store and what state you are in no matter what. As fab states above. Some stores receive certain items and smaller stores do not. ????
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    The fact that certain stores receive certain items, was not the point at all. Whether the store is in a major city, or not, is totally irrelevant to my comment.

    I was simply stating as regards to your comment that I quoted. My situation was different, because I had actually purchased something within the last year.

    There may be a new policy. Also, things seem to vary significantly with this company.
  11. That's how it works. If there isn't any available they do a "product request" and when it comes in they charge & ship. Like when I went to get the iphone 6+ for my sister's birthday it was sold out online and all stores at the moment because it was right after Christmas. I got a e-mail just about 2 weeks later that my order was processed, followed by a shipping e-mail w/ tracking.

  12. Okay. .. You should probably re-read what I said.
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    No, you need to go back and read what you said.

    I was only speaking in regards to that/from my experience. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is irrelevant.
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    They are checking history. I was told that on phone last night. I hadn't purchased LV since 2012, but purchased over past month and they won't count 2012 or last 90 days so said I can't purchase from another store over the phone. Pretty ridiculous in my opinion because I was willing to pay immediately and the store had two in stock. Also some stores aren't consistent on enforcing the rule but they are suppose to per client service toll free number. I bought something over the phone last month and didn't get hassled. Well I went into store today to get same item I asked about last night as chargesend so they could see me in person and because client service said to do that. Supposedly both items sold between last night at 11 and this morning late morning. Doubtful.
  15. When I was on the hunt for my 6 key holder in Rose Indian the SA was able to locate one for me in California. The CS rep asked if I had purchased something in the last six months and I had. They passed along my contact info to the store (no CC info) and an SA called me within 48 hours. I was able to compete the transaction but had to pay an extra $15 for shipping.

    I recall reading somewhere on this forum that if you hadn't made a recent purchase from LV they would not let you order using a credit card for security reasons?