Is this normal??

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  1. Hi, I would like to know this is normal. There seems to be brown/orangy glue very sticky if I rub it, on each stitching in my Milla MM Azur clutch. Its staining the lining a bit. Obviously, it's not food or anything since I don't put any food in my clutch, and it's in every hole.

    Would you take it back? Will they exchange this type of things? I bought it in Sept/Nov 2013.

  2. There was something about this not too long ago, a lot of people have had this issue and yes it does appear to be the glue. I'd search ethe forum for other members who have the same problem and then go the LV armed with that x

  3. Glue has been an ongoing issue for LV for years with various pieces: seeping, staining etc. Some pieces appear to escape unscathed whereas others do not.

    I've certainly had pieces exchanged longer than the time-frame you're referring to due to issues with glue/staining so if you're unhappy then see what they say at LV. I think they tend to more readily exchange if there is a known flaw with a particular item. Hope that helps.
  4. I would like some opinion, if this happened to you, would you exchange it?

  5. What's acceptable or not acceptable to me (or anyone else) is going to be different to what's acceptable or not acceptable to you.

    It's actually quite hard to tell from the picture how bad it is so you are the best judge of (a) how bad it is and (b) how much it does actually bother you?

    Would you swap it for the same item? What if it happens again?

    Speak to your store and see if it is a known fault with this particular item so you can make a decision as to the best course of action, assuming they are willing to help.

    Hope that helps.
  6. That would be unacceptable to me so I would totally bring it shouldn't have to deal with anything sticky or staining on a new LV piece. Good luck!