Is this normal?

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  1. Is it normal for a gently used Balenciaga bag to fray like this?

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397353275.766818.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397353293.723003.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397353303.350853.jpg

    I am new to this brand. Hard to imagine this is normal.

    Thank you
  2. Unfortunately yes- my Velo started doing this after a month.
  3. Yup, I just snip them off.
  4. My velo has this too.
  5. I had only one thread out of the edge. I burnt it very carefully. That much fraying hasn't happened to any of my 20 bags. And I use them all the time carrying books and all. I guess it depends on the use. However I have heard of fraying on many of them from other tPFers.
  6. Thanks everyone.
  7. yes the same for me
  8. I've had it happen on a few bags. I either cut them off with cuticle scissors, or just leave them.
  9. It is so reassuring to me that many of you have suffered from such...the same as my bag...the sealant just keep peelings to the extend that I do not wish to carry it anymore.

    But anyway, I have ordered some edge kote and hope it repairs it well.
  10. My city bag too...
  11. it's happened to my city bag as well! i used to cut it off....but i've given up! i just leave them alone now!
  12. Same here after awhile, I kinda give it up..u know i love Bbags so so so much and I wanna have another two....but...the quality and high-maintenance just puts me off somehow.
  13. My city bag has this too :sad:. I use a pair of manicure scissors to trim the edges every now and then.
  14. I do the same for my pompon & my city. (days & hip are less concerned by this problem)
  15. Hi ladies,
    Is this normal (balenciaga town)? I am worrying it is going to break soon...