Is this Normal???

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    Hi, I just received this new to me bag, but the leather makes really concern.:thinking: The leather of the bag has a different consistency and texture than the ones I felt in the store. This one is a little sticky, especially at the edges. is this normal? And through out the bag the leather some are wrinkled and some are flat. Any help will be appreciated! thank you~

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  2. "New to me" indicates this is a used bag. I do not know why this bag is sticky, especially at the edges. You'd need to ask the former owner what she treated it with.

    It is normal for the leather to be wrinkled and/or flat - leather is a natural product, a skin much like our own, and will be different throughout the bag. The leather in the photo you've shown looks fine to me.

    A new bag 'in the store' will not be the same as a used bag, as there is NO WAY to know how the used bag has lived its life.

    If you are not happy with the bag and can return it, do so. Otherwise, have it professionally cleaned (Bottega Veneta offers this service, for a fee).
  3. Did you have it authenticated before you purchased it?
    Remember leather veins and variations and with BV's technique it might look like dramatically different pieces. And some colors highlight those variations more than others.

    Dying something white will make it stiffer. My Duchesse (yellow) Veneta from last year is stiffer than other BVs I have.

    You know, it's really really white. Do you think it might have been redyed?

    If you like, post this in the Authenticate this BV thread. Include pics of the heat stamp, white tag, and zipper. The experts can help you there. Or you can post here too.
  4. Whoa! I was typing as India wrote. So we're on the same page with variation. India, what do you think about redying? I thought it only because the sides of the strips look as white as the flat part.
  5. Thank you, India. Since I had it authenticated, you don't think this raise any question for the authenticity, correct?
  6. Thank you, grietje. I did have it authenticated through the authentication threat, so I really hope this is normal for authentic bag. As for the stickiness, I suspect it has been redyed or some sort, because it looks and smell just like the lambskin chanel I got back from refurbishment. I have to ask the seller.
  7. The leather on my nero veneta is the same - has some stretched & wrinkled & some smooth. That is normal - just from use. As for being redyed, the seller should have disclosed that.
  8. thank you beachgirl, I guess India was right, I should not compare a used bag with new bags in the store.
  9. wrinkled leather is normal
    sticky is not
    I would contact the person you bought it from and ask
    "what did you do to the bag to make it sticky"
    maybe she has little kids with lollipop fingers that touched it before she shipped it
    you can have it cleaned and see what happens
    I would contact the seller and tell her that is your intention, and if it doesn't fix the problem you will be returning it
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    I found your original authentication request and the bag photos did show dirt, so if this is a dye job, it was done in the past, if so. You received a nice used bag that needs cleaning as evidenced by the photos in the auction... Check out the care thread here or consider contacting a BV SA to have them clean it; there will be a fee.

    ETA: I just realized I sound a bit harsh, and I apologize. I was remembering all the purchases I've made in the past where the seller went to great pains NOT to disclose issues, and it makes me upset. At least your seller showed photos of dirt marks and the discolored handle.
  11. Thank you Indiaink and septembersiren. I think I will try to return the bag because the stickiness kinda bothers me. I confirmed at a leather shop that the bag was redyed and I was not informed by the seller. ( To be fair, I have to say she was very helpful and nice) But the reason I want to get a Bottega bag is because I love the craftsmanship and the richness of the leather, I want to get one that's used, but not redyed. I had my pink lamb skin Chanel dyed, and it was never the same after that. I hope you understand I really want it to be "perfect".
  12. The color code does indicate white. So if it were dyed, white color was placed over white. Let us know how it turns out.

  13. Thank you jburgh, I ended up returning the bag, but the seller was very rude. She wrote me a insulting message and agreeing to accept the return, but did not issue refund after receiving the bag. It was frustrating for weeks, and finally Ebay issued my refund. I will definitely not buy from her again!