Is this normal???

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  1. I started cleaning my noe like 2 wekks ago (by the first time never did it before) with baby wipes and well the first times the baby wipes ended up more or less honey color for the dirt like the patina color was comming off, I cleaned it again today and still happens the SAME!!! it is like it never gets clean and after I cleaned it the first time it seems like the vachetta got more delicate :s :s :s does this happen to you guys aswell ??
    Does it looks like the patina was transfering to the baby wipe ?:s
  2. Do you mean the vachetta is getting ligther?
  3. Well for starters the baby wipes should be just plain wipes without alcohol, aloe, or anything like that. Those can all be drying. But I didn't understand what you meant, pics would help??
  4. I have a mono petit noe and I clean the bottom of it at the end of each week (if I use it a lot that week). Yes, the wipes do turn color and patina becomes even with time. Don't overrub the vachetta because, depending on the wipes you use, it may dry the leather out.
  5. what I mean is that the baby wipe ends up brownish like patina color.
    and the same happens all over and over again, I seems like it doesn't get clean and when I use the bag the vachetta seems more delicate with water marks and etc etc, am I a bit more clear now?? sorry if i writte bad english:shame:
    and I don't have my cam here at the moment :sad:
  6. ^Irene.... Do the baby wipes lighten the vachetta though?
  7. I think you have to use a leather moisterizer after the baby wipes have dried off of the leather. Especially since the wipes do remove dirt and the natural oils that your hand leaves on the vachetta.
  8. I don't think they so much lighten the vachetta but make it more even (if that makes sense). So, for example, if you have a bag and the strap is lighter on one end and darker on the other, after you use the wipes the colors almost blend to become one. Am I making ANY sense at all?:wacko:

    Antonio, if you've never used the wipes before, they will pick up the grime that have accumulated on the leather over time. It's normal. Just don't overuse the wipes the first few times as you WILL end up drying the leather out. And make sure the wipes you use have some Aloe in them (those are the ones I use and they seem to work just fine for my bags).
  9. I want this noe!
  10. I use the aloe ones too! And, on my noe too, but I have epi. I also use Wilson's leather conditioner, it also cleans...
  11. Thank you Irene I am a bit afraid I over did it a bit the first time :cry:
    hope I didn't ruin it I mean the color of the patina looks great but it feels so delicate compared to before
    which kind of leather moisterizers are good??
  12. ^Try apple leather conditioner. That's what I use, and it's great!
  13. If your bag had not been 'cleaned' before this could happen. I have a hand-me-down LV, truely vintage but the handles were very very dark. I first used Appleguard cleaner a few times and took out a lot of the dark stuff, thought I was done. Then I heard about the baby wipes so I gave it a try ... wow, it's amazing how much stuff you can take out. I just wiped the handles, let them dry, examine the patina, and give it a go again. Each time there was yellow stains on the wipe. I did that quite a few times until I was happy with how even the handles and the rest of the bag looked. The handles are still dark but the patina is now more or less even throughout the bag.
  14. Thanks, Irene! It makes total sense. I just never had a LV bag old enough with accummulated dirt and have never used baby wipes. The leather just seems to blend and soften after a long period of use. No worries.:flowers:
  15. I had the same thing happen when I baby-wiped my cerises speedy.....lots of yellow on the handles. But after enough times doing the baby wipes the dirt kept disappearing. I did ALOT of rounds of baby wipes and I did have to condition the handles afterwards.
    I am not completely happy with the on a rainy day I may continue to try and get more dirt off.