Is this normal?

  1. [Sorry for all of these new threads. I just want to share with everyone! I would tell my friends, but I work with most of them.... and my other best friend just doesn't care. :sad:]

    Ok so let me explain where I work at and then my problem:

    I work at a local upscale restaurant/oyster bar/grill/dancehall. Every weekend [Friday and Saturday, and had a band yesterday too since it's New Year's weekend] we have a band that plays on the stage while people sit and enjoy the music, and there's a space for people to dance.

    Anywho... I'm standing there minding my own business watching the band when all of a sudden I see one of my co-workers, Megan, with another girl approaching my manager, Matt, and tell him something. So Matt follows Megan to the dance floor where this guy is yelling obscenities and about to start a fight. So Matt goes behind him and pulls him back and the guy tries to push him away. So Matt puts his arm around the guy's neck [is that the headlock position?] and the guy tries to let go, so Matt throws him to the ground. Everyone crowds around and Matt has him pinned to the ground until the police get there.

    After the police arrest the guy, the girl from the beginning of the story tells us what happened to her. Supposedly, her boyfriend [the guy that was trying to start the fight] was with this girl who was also there. So his ex and three of her friends went to jump her in the bathroom, thus why Megan ran to get Matt. The guy who tried to start the fight I guess heard what happened, and went up to his ex's boyfriend and was going to fight him...

    Anywho... I was just in the back behind the manager's station watching the whole thing.

    TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT: Is it normal for my heart to beat at 1,000 miles per minute and for my stomach to get uneasy when witnessing a fight? :shrugs: and does being around greasy foods cause you to break out? I'm breaking out and that's the only thing I can think of!!!

    Also: This drunk lady was in the grill area and threw up on the ground. I was coming back from putting up silverware when I STEP IN THE VOMIT AND ALMOST FELL because I didn't see it. Argh. :yucky:
  2. I have one word for you--ADRENALINE! I'm fairly certain your heart racing was affected by it. I know whenever there is any kind of stressful situation I'm involved with my heart races like crazy and it takes some deep breathing afterward to calm down. I think you had a fairly normal reaction to the situation!

    As for the breaking out, been there. When I managed a restaurant in my mid-20's, I broke out in places I never knew you could get zits!! It was horribly embarassing! I ended up at the dermotologist's office for some oral antibiotics and topical lotion. It cleared it up for the most part. Now I'm just dealing with adult acne...yuck!
  3. Totally normal to get upset and agitated watching people fight. What a bunch of knuckleheads! As for the zits, I think you have to actually eat the greasy food, John! Perhaps it's stress...
  4. Totally normal to have your heartbeat increase when seeing a fight take place. I think its just the not knowing what is going to happen next that makes us a little more tense in situations like that. That is horrible that it happened like that though.
    And about grease, I totally believe that grease will cause you to break out. A old friend of mine worked on a grill and he was broken out ALL the time. :sad: If it doesn't clear up, maybe you should see a dermotologist to see if there is something they can suggest for you. But I'll tell you right now, I don't work around grease, but I've been breaking out horribly for the past month! Such a pain...
  5. John im sorry u had such a bad day! What u witnesses is awful and i can totally understand ur reaction.. its normal IMO.. wish you feel better :smile:
  6. I totally agree that it's Adrenaline!
    IN Biology we learned that Adrenaline will cause you to do two things: "Fight or Flight"! Now I don't know which one you were about to do...but it's perfectly normal.

    As for the situation, I'm sorry you had to witness that. I, too, work at an upscale restaurant and we see idiots like that visit our restaurant occasionally. I have never had to deal with something like that, since my managers are very protective of me, I hope I never have to. As for the lady throwing up...ugh. That happened to me once. I have an office in the restaurant (same room as the coat check room) and the floor has a carpet covering, this drunk lady came into the room to get her coat (my pet peeve, I'm there to get your coat you know) and THREW UP ON MY CARPET! Ughhh it was so gross, her husband tried to clean it up and he did clean up the chunky/liquidy stuff, but he LEFT THE TOWELS in the room and so I had to pick the stinky #@$% towels up, throw them in the wash, and not to mention her vomit left a huge stain on my carpet (although it was grey/blue to begin with) I spent 30 good minutes spraying stain remover on it and scrubbing the carpet...I've NEVER scrubbed the floor my whole entire life until that day! :lol:
  7. Ugh, what a night, John. If I witnessed all that, I'd have a similar reaction, too. As bgcutiepie said, it's not knowing what will happen. Your place is upscale, but you never know who is carrying a weapon or if they're high, etc.

    The last part was really the topper for an awful night, huh? Just what you need when you're already in adrenaline/tension mode--someone's vomit on the floor. :yucky: Working in a restaurant is harder than people realize. :true: (I did for awhile in college)
  8. ITA

    John... HUGS from me!!!! So sorry about the awful night :heart:
  9. Aww John I'm sorry about that horrible night. But I too would probably get all freaked out if there was a fight going on - heck I get freaked out just thinking about it! But hats off to you for keeping your cool (especially after the vomit part :'( )
  10. definitely an adrenaline rush. I love the feeling!
  11. I thought you were going to ask if the behaviour you witnessed was normal, LOL!!

    I agree with the verdict: adrenaline. It's the fight-or-flight response. The reason you felt nauseated is because your body was shunting your blood away fron "non-vital" organs in preparation.
  12. Being around where greasy food is being cooked does cause zits. But it could also be stress. It is actually a myth that eating greasy food and chocolate causes acne.
  13. Oh my! That was definitely adrenaline. I've experienced that quite a few times and I was just watching something happen and not being directly involved! The closest analogy for me would be watching a movie where it's action or horror or something. I'm not directly involved in it but I'm watching it and it affected me.
  14. OMG when fights occur near me even just verbal sparing it makes me really uneasy