Is this normal?

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  1. For the stitching to come loose on any LV bags? This is my pre-loved Trouville I received in the mail today.

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  2. Yeah..things (rings, keys, etc.) can get stuck on the threads and loosen them. I think the only way you can have it totally fixed is to have the handles replaced completely. However, you can take a tiny pair of mustache or other tiny scissors and trim a couple millimeters of the thread off, then put a bit of this stuff called Fray Check (available at Target or material stores) on the end of the thread to keep it from fraying. The stitching is really tight so trimming a tiny bit of it off won't make the stitches unravel or anything.
  3. whoa...iono, I think the symmetry/canvas alignment is totally off..... I don't have a trouville, but from all my MC items that I own, I don't htink the LV should be cut off in between the zippers like that.....
  4. THanks Rebecca, I'll check Target out.

    Cecilia: if you look at all the other authentic MC Trouvilles, LVs are cut off in between the zippers.
  5. I just noticed that too.
  6. I just checked, I'm sorry, I htink it's....The LVs are NOT cut off....or at least I'd like to see another 'authentic' bag with the alignment like that...
    Bagsnbags' 1st pic is the best pic I can find (after flipping through 100 posts lol)

  7. LTV:
    Thats a bad job of stitching, I mean... that does happen but not usually unless than bag is more than 3-5 years old?

    Hmmm, maybe you should post more pics. I think the other ladies have good eye to help you out :smile:
  8. i think it's normal...the same thing happened to my MC pochette...

    it's really minor, i wouldn't worry about it, unless its' fake -_-"
  9. Here's a pic of my Trouville... I don't think the LV's are supposed to be cut off at the zipper... *shrugs*

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  10. Wow, thanks for checking Cecilia. keep the comments coming ladies! Let me know if you would like to see more pics!!! Or I will file for Paypal claim if found fraud...eeekkkk.
  11. Ohhh! I see the LVs cut off! thanks! I learned something new (but I may be! HOwever, I do still think that yours is an extreme case.... others' MC trouville seems to be more subtle with the LVs in the zipper area
  12. I think it's normal and one of the things that's leading me to believe that is that purple LV in the second picture. The purple LV on my Alma is doing the exact same thing, color wise. That's the only color on the entire bag that has a tendency to chip, for me. So I don't really think a fake would end up having that exact same problem.
  13. It looks good to me. I hope you fix your fraying problem... :sad: