is this normal?


Sep 25, 2009
soo..i bought my nf gm mono a week ago and i havnt used it much..i looove this bagg..but i havent really had a chance to wear it really...i would say i have worn it 4 times..i dont plan on returning it at all but i do feel bad when i do not use u guys this its a bad sign that its just in my closet? i mean im 20 and work at a grocery store and i def dont want to bring it into work..i need you input please!!! TIA :blush:


Jun 4, 2010
well if you love it, then you should be proud of it and use it! i have a neverfull gm as well, but i mostly use it for school and for shopping trips because it's spacious room can fit so much stuff! if you're not comfortable bringing it to work, there's always time for you to use it on the weekends when you're out and about right? :smile:


May 3, 2010
yea if you don't want to bring it to work just use it when you go out, I have 4 bags and i don't use it to work , i use it only about 2-3 times a week but i never think about selling it, sometime when i'm just at home i would take out my bag and have a good look at it,adores it and make out with it (joking) it probably sounds weird but i just love my bags


In the Breaking Dawn
Jan 12, 2007
If you love it keep it and wear it out when you want to. If you don't feel like wearing it to work, then carry it when you're off or on the weekends. I have several pieces and though some get carried more than others, I LVoe them all ;)


Apr 7, 2010
I love all of my nice LV and Longchamp bags but its good to give them a break and stuff i love when i take out one of my bags i havent used in a while and people always say stuff to me like "I forgot you had that bag i love it" "Its soo cute" soo dont worry about it :biggrin:


Jul 16, 2009
If you love it, keep it! If you're not "feeling" it, then return it. I have bags I don't wear to work but I'll use them on weekends, etc
I'm a teacher though, so I get a lot of time off during the year to use all the bags I don't carry to work. IMO, If it's not working with your lifestyle, I'd return it or sell it!
May 28, 2010
I do have a GM NF and it is my weekend bag. It is so roomy, I put everything for everyone in my family:smile:. I love NF.

However, I do have a black MC speedy and I do not use it. I do not feel comfy when I wear it. If you did not find the NF comfy, you are not going to wear it as much as you think. So if this is the case, sell it and move forward.


Jul 21, 2009
i dnt use mine much either...i think you should keep and one day eventually you'll use it or maybe you can take it to work and use as a gym bag, where you can store your lunch or accessories etc...just make sure to lock it up..


Jan 16, 2008
I think it is-

I am a 21 year old college student and work at a large dept. store. And I would NEVER take any of my bags to work-
A. they are too big to stuff into a locker
B. my co-workers would think I'm a snob (this has happened before at other places)
C. if anything were to happen to my bag, I know it wouldn't get replaced by the company

So it's best to just leave it at home. Too many risk factors, so don't feel bad about not being able to carry them everyday!