Is this normal ??

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  1. Last december, I bought my very first bag charm at the boutique in Hanoi. I think I just took it out for about 4 times and always store it in the dust bag. But this is what happened when I brought it out today :

    I think the nail is starting to fall off. Should I bring it to the store and ask for another one ?? Do you guys think this is ok ? It doesn't seem normal, at least to me.
  2. Yes, I would definitely take it to LV and let them deal with it
  3. yes take it back asap and ask for the manager!
  4. I agree return it ... my LVOE brooch was missing a crystal and they repaired it as there were no more left in Aus for it to be replaced.
    Good Luck and keep us updated:yes:
  5. Thanks guys ! I brought it to the store today and they will repair it for me. It will take about 3 weeks, oh god, very long time indeed.