Is this Normal?

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  1. Hello RM lovers!

    I've always loved the way that RM bags look whenever I see them on the street but up until now I've never owned any. Now I have two! I just got a MAC in cream and I just received a MAM in black!

    I've seen the MAM in person at Bloomies so I was a little surprised that my MAM (got from ebay, supposedly new) was super wrinkly (which I can deal with) but where the straps meet the body of the bag it seems like the edge of the leather on the bag itself were cut off with a knife/blade where it meets the straps. It's just a weird unfinished sort of look. If this picture isn't clear enough I can take another one at home, sorry, I only have my cell phone with me now.

    But can anyone tell me if this is normal?

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  2. Hmmm... i've never noticed it on any of my bags...
  3. That looks normal to me! :tup:
  4. Yep, all of my MAM/MABs look like that.
  5. Great, thanks for the reassurance Crazy4Handbags and kimalee! I'm sure I just didn't look at the ones in the dept. store all that closely.
  6. It's the norm, but on the newer MAM & MABs, the edges are sealed, even the part you showed in your photo Kmroboto. I just looked at my MAB - Iris/Purple Lizard bag & it's sealed & on the handles too.

    HTH :tup: