Is this normal?

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  1. Well, you ladies know that I have just recently purchased my first ever Kelly just last Friday and I absolutely love her but I just can't stop thinking about the Blue jean rigid in togo that I left behind. Now I feel like I am torn. Should I keep the orange in swift leather and just wait until next year for another Blue Jean to come around or replace it? How easy is it to find the Blue Jean vs the orange? I love the fact that my kelly is the color that I originally want but may not be the exact leather. I have read in some threads that swift leather is quite delicate and scratches easily and that is my concern. I love the feel of the leather but I am a worrier. I don't want to always be on my guard when I carry her as I would to do it more often. Please advise.
  2. Do they still have the blue jean there? I think that would make a difference in what to do. Are you still within the exchange period? Seems as if the BJ is more for you, if you're concerned about the scratches.
  3. it will age beautifully do not worry or be overprotecting !
    and believe me there are dozends of other bags that will find their way to your closet so keep the orange beauty and wait for number two three four... etc
    i am sure if you exchange you will regret it later
  4. Yes I am still within the period. I have ten days to do it and I just got it last Friday. I will be going in today to see if it is still there.
  5. I love your Kelly! I mean blue jean is beautiful color, too! But I would choose orange over blue jean if I really have to choose ONLY one...
    Your Kelly is just eye catching beauty!
  6. The one factor that made me got her was that my heart actually skipped a beat when the SA opened the box and I saw her for the first time. I have gone in several times and have seen the Blue Jean and even tried it on but never gave me that kind of feeling.
    But for some reason now I can't stop thinking about the BJ. I was just wondering how often do they come around in the 28 togo rigid.
    One thing that conerns me is that if I don't get it now, will I have to wait too long for another to come by.
  7. keep the swift in orange, and wait until later to get the blue jean in togo. Togo leather one of the most common leather used by Hermes, and blue jean is such a popular color that I don't see it going away anytime soon, so keep your orange swift, which is more rare and just wait until the next time you're ready for a kelly to get the blue jean togo!
  8. I ditto Lilach's advice! More importantly, does the orange looks good and go with your skin tone? Do you love it?

    I love my Orange Swift Kelly! I'm not much of a BJ fan, but that's just me. :upsidedown::rochard: I've carried it about 8-10 times and no scratches! And I wasn't overly protective or careful at all!
  9. You have your answer right there :yes:

  10. Thanks for the response. I do love her. I an just really anal about keeping my bags immaculate. My children are even off limits in mommy's closet.
  11. :yes:
  12. Thanks for the info. I feel much better now that I know that it will be around when I am ready in the future.
  13. If you care so much about keeping your bag in perfect condition while you are using it, you cannot truely enjoy using it.
    When I had my first Birkin, I was like that. I realized that my behavior of being crazy about keeping it perfect while I was carrying it made me feel like my bag was not my accessory, but I was my bag's accessory.
    Since then, I don't care about it as much about signs of wear. It builds up beautiful patina. I just enjoy using them. Of course, I would not like to get scratches, but even if I did, I would not drive myself crazy about it.

    Unless you plan to keep in the box only or in display case, it is impossible to keep it perfect if you use it.

    Please just enjoy your bag and be happy:yahoo: !
  14. Thanks for the advice. I think I will eventually get to that point. Maybe when I get me second one:shame: I won't be as cautious about it.
  15. I am glad you settled before I had to post!

    Another bag will find you...look it already has...hopefully, you will still want that same bag when you are ready to purchase again.

    Don't stress over using it because it is no fun...I do that me, try to enjoy it!