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  1. I ordered a new bag on ebay ~ 4 weeks ago and I still have not received it. I opened up a paypal dispute with the seller about a week ago but i have not receive any reply from him! is my only option to escalate the claim to paypal? has anyone everyone done this before?

    i want my money back!

  2. You should escalate it to a claim now. I wouldn't wait 4 weeks. Even if it's international shipping, it should have arrived by now.
  3. Yeah. That's what I thought too, but it never happened before so I was so confused. Thank you so much for your advice. I am going to do so now!
  4. I go ahead and escalate whenever I have the chance just to let the seller understand I'm not playing around.
  5. I just escalated. I really can't believe this seller!
  6. Sorry to hear that, it's good that you escalated though.
  7. As others have said, 4 weeks is far too long and you are right to make a claim as that is time-limited. Have you had any communication from the seller e.g. shipping notification, tracking etc? I do hope it works out for you.
  8. so the seller has until today to respond and he still hasn't. can anyone walk me through what will happen if he does respond and what will happen if he doesn't?

    i still have not received the bag...
  9. I know that if the seller doesn't respond, then Paypal will decide and give you a refund :yes:
  10. I am currently in this situation and at the moment my claim is being reviewed by Paypal too. So i think that they get someone to review your case and decide to issue a refund. I hope it turns out all good for you Miss :tup:

  11. 4 WEEKS? You're so much more patient that I would be.
    Hope you get your money back very soon and perhaps that seller needs to get on a lousy seller list on this board- don't we have one of those?
  12. could you please post the sellers name so I can block him/her???
  13. Just FYI, if Paypal cannot recover the full amount, you should dispute the charge immediately with your bank if you paid with a credit card.
  14. Can you tell us whom your seller was? There are a few scammers we're tracking. If you don't want to post it, can you PM one of us? Thanks
  15. Phew, thank you all for your help. The seller has a few more hours to answer, but i am so relieved that paypal will take charge if not.

    I don't mind posting the seller's name. If fact, I would do so gladly. This was agonizing for me. Where would be the appropriate forum?