Is This Normal?

  1. I have this same bag and I'm thinking of selling it. Does anyone know if these bags usually go for this kind of price? I'm just curious because if you look at the bidding history, two people continuously out-bid that a sign of something fishy, or is that normal?:confused1: Why would someone outbid themself?

    My bag has 3 barely noticable waterspots (1 on back of hangtag, and 2 on the vachetta on the back side) and a bit of dirt on the piping at the very you think I could get a high price like this person seems to be getting? I've never sold a bag and I don't know what these usually go for, so I'm kinda clueless and I'm not sure how to price it if/when I list it.

    Side Note: Kind of weird how she seems to have taken the leather tag off completely and replaced it with the ladybug:shrugs:
  2. I think some of these Scribble totes came with the lady bug, but I may be wrong...
  3. Only the little ones did...this one should have a regular leather hangtag:yes:.
  4. No offense to anyone, in case this is a tpf's listing, but I wish sellers would learn to spell when they describe their wares. This is different than misspelling when you are talking on a forum....this is business! I don't get as good a feeling about the seller if they misspell the word "excellent"....JMHO!!:smile:

  5. :roflmfao:

    I agree!

    But, I was going to say that when you see people out bidding themselves, it is probably because the bidder put in a maximum bid and they (eBay) automatically bid again for the bidder when someone else bids against them, up to the amount that they originally put in.
  6. Interesting......I never really knew all the fancier aspects of bidding...

    So does anyone know if this bag usually sells for this much? Could I get this much for my bag in the condition I mentioned earlier?
  7. *bump*

    Anyone have any ideas?:confused1:
  8. On the top of the eBay page is a search button. To the right of that it says "advanced search". Click on that and put in the description of the bag you want to sell and choose "completed listings only". This should give you an idea of what this bag is getting. If the numbers are in red, that means it hasn't sold. I always start the bidding at the lowest amount I am willing to take. Hope this helps a little. Good Luck!;)
  9. Thanks for the info!:flowers:

    I'll have to do it while I'm at my boyfriend's house tomorrow though...apparently you have to be a member to check out completed listings:sad:. He is a member (he buys and sells video games and video game stuff.....and now he sells my old stuff that I don't want....he comes in handy:angel:), so I'll look it up with him.
  10. i sold mine, which was well used for 2 years, on ebay and it went for 125. it had some light frays on corners and a few spots that i couldnt get out. the lining inside was stained in one spot from lip gloss. hope this helps!:supacool:
  11. What would concern me is that the current high bidder just signed up with ebay on 1-28-08. Sometimes this can be a sign of what I think is called shill bidding. Where the buyer could possibly register falsly on ebay under a different name and bid on her own items to drive the price up if she thought the current selling price was too low.