Is This Normal

  1. Hi Guys...I have a question...I own a mono speedy 30 and also a Damier Azur speedy 30 and the vachetta in the mono one although still is turning an orange color that I do not not honey light and orangee color...which makes it look sort of fake. The Damier Azur looks a bit better...but the orange color vachetta of the mono is not that you think that some leather conditioner from Apple Guard will help? I bough all my bags in E-Luxury or at the store so I'm assuming they are real...but that orange vachetta is driving me crazy.
  2. Are you looking to even it out or get rid of the color? You can't stop or fix patina, its a natural process.
  3. Maybe try saddle gives the leather a nice color. I've used it on several of my LV's to darken or even out the patina.
  4. Can you post a picture of your bags, but I'm sure it's a normal phase of the patina process. You could place the bags in sunlight to speed it up.
  5. Mine looks a bit orangey too-- it's just a natural stage of the patina process. I would call it a honey color. It's not that your bag looks fake, it's that the fake bags are trying to mimic that patina color!!!

    I condition my medium-patina vachetta with Apple Leather Care. It is a cleaner/ moisturizer and keeps the leather supple and free of dirt. I bought it when I bought Apple Garde. It's never a bad idea to condition the vachetta unless it is brand new, in which case it may darken it.
  6. I have not had any vachetta turn orangee looking, can you post a picture for us, pehaps it only looks this way to you
  7. I've had vachetta start turning that fake tan-in-a-can orangey color. Is this what you are referring to? I'm afraid that's all part of the natural patina process.
  8. E-luxury, I think I know what you mean. I just got my mono speedy 25 less than a week, and already it is turning the colour I think you are describing. I would call it peachy instead of orangey. BUT, I think in my case it is partly my fault. I read in lots of threads that they use baby wipes to clean the bags. SO, a few days ago I had some small stains on the handle and decided to use the baby wipes. When I wiped the vachetta it became a bit wet looking, but then quickly dried up to a smooth, even colour of a slightly darker shade.
    I preferred the lighter colour of the brand new vachetta, but since it will patina anyway, I think the even colour of the vachetta looks better than having stains here and there.

    Does anyone know If I did the right thing by wiping the vachetta with baby wipes (johnson&johnson)? Please tell me I didnt ruin my bag. The baby wipes has added moisturizer for baby's skin. EEEEEEEkkkkk!!!!! :s
  9. ^Normally, baby wipes are used for already patina-ed handles, not brand new ones. It'll even out in time though.