Is this normal?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought a lava Jackie today at the clothingline sample sale--my first (haven't even brought it home yet!)

    I was looking at the bag and noticed that some of the blackish color from the leather is now under my fingernails--not a TON, but some. Enough that I'm realizing the color is transferring a bit from the leather.

    Is this normal? I'm going to treat it with Wilson's spray before I use it--I know the leather on these bags can be a bit tempermental.

    But I'm just hoping I don't have a lemon here--have you all had a bit of color come off your bags when they're new?

  2. Just from handling the bag? No, not to me. I wonder if it is dirty and the black is not the color coming off, but dirt/dust?
  3. The bag was brand new and was handed to me in a plastic bag, so it's definitely the dye from the leather and not dust. Anyone else experience this? :sad:
  4. Hi,
    I have never experienced this....very strange because usually if there is going to be any transfer of color, it will be from something else onto the leather and not from the leather transfer of blue from jeans onto a white bag. Double check to see if its from the bag.
  5. I have not had this happen with a Kooba, or any bag, but I think with my Botkier Sasha there was a card warning that there could be transfer of color _from_ the leather. I can't tell you for sure, because the card is in the room with my sleeping baby, but I do remember reading that.
  6. I had this happen with a Hype bag. I went out with it under the rain, pretty quickly i had black on my hand, jacket.

    I am hoping spraying it with wilson leather protector will help stop the color transfer.

  7. Hi that i think of it...i bought a pink suede bag many years ago and i think it had a tag saying something about color transfer. I never had any problems though.