Is this normal?

  1. Hey ladies:smile:!!!!!....On the the back side of the silver plate the numbers after 115748 are there usually four numbers or if you guys could just check the back of your 06 city's it would help me out alot....the one i have seen is an 06 india blue and it has six numbers instead of four. because ive seen alot of city's with just four numbers after 115748:confused1:
  2. My plomb city has 6. :smile:
  3. I've 3 2006 Citys (Grenat, Marron and Cognac) and they are all followed by just 4 numbers.
  4. My F/W Black City 2006 has four digits "2123". I noticed in the reference library that there are many different codes for Cities following the 115748 on the leather tag, i.e. 3444, 2123, 1787, 3160, 4276, 496393. Does anybody know the significance of these numbers.
  5. My 2007 Rouge Vermillion City bag has 6 numbers - 496393.