Is this normal???

  1. I brought home a Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal just 4 days ago. Today I noticed this peeling on the edge of the straps. Is this normal or should this bag go back to the boutique?
    Dentelle Batignolles Strap.jpg Dentelle Batignolles Strap 2.jpg Dentelle Batignolles Strap 3.jpg
  2. Not only it's not normal, I think the peeling looks pretty bad. I would take it back.
  3. I would take it back!
  4. I would take it back too, just don't wait too long! Go ASAP!
  5. NOT normal! Take is back ASAP!
  6. Def. take it back! I hope they replace it asap! ;)
  7. Never happened to me b4.. 4 days to have wear n tear .. NO WAY!! so its NOT Normal.. Go back to the Store NOW!!
  8. Yeah, that looks like the glazing. Take it back for sure, that's not supposed to happen.
  9. take it back to the boutique!!
  10. take it back
  11. ditto on what everyone else said. hopefully they can fix it for you :smile:
  12. Take it back and get it fixed, for such an expensive bag it shouldn't be doing that
  13. take it back
  14. Take it back.
  15. Go to the boutique ASAP.