is this normal?

  1. i just got a new to me scarf today. as i was trying it on i noticed something white along the hem. it looks like maybe the stitches are coming out. has anyone ever seen this and is it fixable? normal? should i email the person i got it from?
    IMG_4104.JPG IMG_4105.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4107.JPG
  2. Which scarf is it H? I have not seen anything like that, but then my experience is very limited. Hopefully the more experienced scarfies will help you out.
  3. it's the madame and monsieur i just got.
  4. HLFINN.....It just looks like the hand stitches of the rouletress (spelling help please!!!!! where's HG.). Mine are similar..........I even checked the ones I bought directly from the store just to make sure.....
  5. H, a scarf hem in the process of becoming unstitched and unrolled is pretty hard to miss. I can't tell in the photos, in the first it looked like it might be coming out, but the rest made it look pretty attached to itself still.

    Unrolled hems can be restitched, if you want to go to the trouble. A very fine dry cleaners will usually have someone who can reroll a hem by hand. I've had to do it with early vintage scarves. I had an old Pucci that had to be almost completely redone. It can be an expensive repair.

    I don't think I'd put up with a hem coming undone on a scarf that was still available new.

    If it is truly coming undone, you should be able to gently nudge the edge and see if you see too much of the stitches, indicating the thread is too loose. A tight hem will still show the underside of its stitches if you pull on it, but a hem coming undone will show lots. It feels like it's missing tension when you give it a light nudge.

    Anyway, FWIW.

    Good luck! I hope your scarf is okay, and this is just a normal part of the fabric.
  6. ok so you think it could be just normal? the rest of the scarf look perfect but that one area are like three different parts where you can see white instead of brown. i'm afraid to touch it there in case it does unravel or something.
  7. gah sorry the pics are so bad. i took them super fast and the lighting in my house stinks. if it's just rolled wrong can i maybe "tuck" the white bits in? when you wear it you can def see it...
  8. Finn, it does look like the stitching, but my question is if the thread is the same color as the hem? In general, the scarves are hemmed in same color thread as the hem which minimizes the stitches showing. Even when the hem is a contrasting color from the rest of the scarf (I just so happen to be wearing such a scarf right now), the thread color matches the hem, not the background of the scarf. I don't want to alarm you, but I'm a bit concerned that perhaps here the thread is a different color here than the hem, but that may just be the photography or my computer monitor or just the nature of the M et M scarf, which I don't happen to own.

    I agree with gga, you don't want to keep a scarf that has the hem already coming undone given that it is a design still available in the boutiques. A vintage scarf, different story.
  9. the stitching is def the same dark brown. its almost like the hem where it's rolled is white inside and it wasn't perfectly rolled so you can see it. does that make sense?
  10. ^I think so. Sounds like there isn't an authenticity issue, thank goodness. Given that, then I think that gga has given you the right advice. The scarves, just like the bags, are handmade and so sometimes there will be differences in the stitching. As long as stitching is not really coming undone, just a little loosely sewn in a few places, then I think no problem. But so hard to tell for sure based on a few photographs.
  11. ok i took better pics. also of another little thread hanging off. this is all minor right?
    IMG_4108.JPG IMG_4111.JPG IMG_4112.JPG IMG_4114.JPG
  12. I think it is fine, but others can weigh in. The last picture is not the thread from the stitching but a bit of the silk from the edge of the hem that has been rolled under. I don't think the stitching is coming undone, I think that it was stitched very loosely to begin with. That being said, if you paid top dollar for it, like from a boutique, feel free to return it for another one.
  13. If this happens to a 'current' scarf but it has not been purchased in a boutique, will H stand by it's 'quality' and replace/repair the scarf?
  14. i didn't buy it at a boutique. i got it from luxury scarves. ok, so it's fine and i'm an alarmist. good. i just wasn't sure cause you could see the white when i had it on.
  15. ^Rose, I don't know the answer to that. Based on the recent scarf-buying habits of you and finn, I would think that you have a good relationship with an SA there and so if you go there and show it to them and ask to exchange it for another one that is perfect, they may well do it for you. But I have heard stories of others who have tried to return/exchange a scarf purchased from a boutique back at that boutique when they found a flaw in it who have had difficulty. Again, it's like being offered a Birkin by an SA--it so depends on the SA and their mood that day.