Is this normal?

  1. Everytime people want to eat something fatty with me i always seem to go beserk! i hate it, and almost go nuts on them. idk, do you think this is normal? :confused1: I hate fatty foods because i never want or have the energy to work out. blahg :sad:
  2. I think this is totally fine. You are clearly in touch with how food affects your body and want to nourish it with high quality food.
  3. You go beserk on them, or just inside to yourself?

    I think it is ok to know what you want to eat, what is good to eat, etc, but if there is a sort of manipulation the food has on you, then it is a small problem.
  4. well not go beserk, but get very grouchy, bit*hy. It does have control over me. This will happen even if Im at a party and the only thing being served is pizza.