Is this normal?????

  1. I wanted to buy something off of eBay,many purse form member have purchased things from this seller . They offered a buy it now and she contacted me asking for my email address saying she would accept my buy it now only if we did it thru my private email addy. I have been talking to her through emails and she said she would ship the item to me and I could use pay pal .. ect. On her email it just says I owe her the money , no mention of me receiving any goods , so its not really an invoice. She said she wants to do it this was to avoid eBay fees. Is this a normal pratice and am I protected thru paypal if she doesnt send anything?? THanks everyone
  2. Not normal! Do not do it as you will have no protection or recourse if the deal goes sour!!!!!!!

    DO NOT DO IT!!!!!
  3. ok. thanks for the info. she has the best feedback and many people have recomended her. I will not do it.
  4. If you pay using your credit card via PayPal you should be cover. This isn't for an Hermes bag is it?
  5. If it's for a great deal of money, then I wouldn't risk it. There's no guarantee what she sends you since there's nothing that describes exactly what you are buying... If you want the item, then maybe offer to pay her eBay fees and do it through ebay that way you have it in writing. Otherwise, you could end up with a lump of coal and paypal can't do anything about it.
  6. As much as she has fabby feedback its not worth it unless you know her personally - you could be looking at a really nasty situation

    Good luck
  7. I would just tell her you don't feel comfortable doing the transaction that way. If she is a good seller she will understand.
  8. As Smooth said, your cc should protect you. But is there a reason why she can't send you a paypal invoice? She shouldn't get charged ebay fees for that. I have sent people paypal money requests for totally private transactions not involving ebay at all.
  9. So weird, she even state that you owe her money? So horrible! You'll lost your money & not get your item. I think maybe this is her trick to avoid from your claim etc coz she state clearly, you owe her money & you agree with that statement~so when you file claim, PayPal won't & can't do anything coz the verbal proof obviously shown you send her PayPal to pay your debt, not for paying your purchase from her.

    It mean, you've duty to "pay back her money" but she's nothing to do exceptly "receive back her money you owe" didn't it so weird?

    Don't do it!