Is this normal?

  1. I only have one BV bag so I don't know if this is considered normal. When I got my Montaigne, I noticed that the stitching was a little undone on a part of the bag. I asked the sales lady about it and she said it wasn't the stitching coming undone, it was just the way it looked when the craftsperson knotted and cut the stitch. Then almost two weeks later, I noticed the same thing on the pull tab part of the bag. It's a very small and minor thing, but it does look like the stitching has come off ... I'm VERY careful with my bags, I baby them in fact. I hadn't even used the bag much ...

    it's been over 10 days ... should I bring this to my salesperson's attention? I don't think it's normal ...
  2. Bring it to your sales person's attention! Get it replaced if they do exchanges!
    i've never noticed it with my bags - though I have smooth leather, not the braided. It might be a normal thing (people with braided leather, if you could weigh in here), but if it bothers you, don't put up with it.
  3. I'll take it to the boutique on Monday. But it's been over 10 days though ...
  4. I suppose there won't be any harm taking it to the boutique just to get it checked out. And if there really was something wrong with it, then at least you could get it fixed. Surely they'll do something!

    And if there's really nothing wrong, then you'll rest easy.

    G'luck, and let us know what the SA says!
  5. The sales person was the reason you took the bag "with the problem" to begin with. Go back when she isn't there & get another opinion. And take your receipt.
  6. when i first purchased a bv i also noticed the stitching of my hobo starting to "stretch" i returned it and i did not give the sa a reason to say no, i told her i want it changed bec of that little flaw and i expect my bag to be new as i paid top price for it and its not cheap had i bought a $50 bag i wouldnt return it ( i said all those things bec i saw her face change from a smile to a scowl when i said i want it changed and i was in bad mood and doesnt want to hear the word no when the bag is quite expensive) bottom line she changed it gave me a new bag to my satisfaction and smiled. Sometimes you have to insist :smile:
  7. If it really bothers you, take it back to the boutique and ask any SA to do something about it. I'd definitely do that if I felt my bag had some type of defect.
  8. Just a quick update on this. I took the bag back to the store and they are going to restitch the bag. Actually, I found some additional parts of the bag where the stitchings are coming undone. Part of the handle was noticeably coming undone and it really concerned me (since I don't even carry much to begin with), so I asked the lady at BV to request that they DOUBLE stitch the stitchings. I should be getting the bag back in about 3 weeks or so :yes: I wish I had taken before pictures so I can compare with the after pics ...
  9. ^^that's great news, Kou.
  10. Thanks for the update. I hope their repair work is up to the BV standards that we expect. Good for you to go back and be assertive.
  11. I think you made the right decision. You might have regretted it later, and maybe they would think YOU messed it up. I hate it when salespeople try to push you around and make you feel bad. When you're paying that much for a bag, it should be perfect!
  12. I'm glad that your bag is getting repaired. Doesn't BV have a brand new spare one which they can just replace for your bag?
  13. The sales lady I dealt with said because mine was a special order, she couldn't just give me a new one as they don't have it on hand. So I guess for now, I just wait.:yes: