Is this normal? Saffiano from the space italy outlet

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  1. Hi! May i know if this is a normal quality of saffiano bag bought in the outlet?

    I purchased this in april 2017, but only use it around end of march 2018..

    This is the condition as of today.. :sad: very sad
  2. 091F9AA6-5BCE-412A-8284-1DF044E6606B.jpeg

    This is the condition as of today, around 4 months of usage..
    B434E393-A649-49FF-9636-DC2D38AF22F3.jpeg 4B7AAD9B-6598-4CAA-BB4A-35CCF8632BBA.jpeg 78465333-0D72-419A-94CC-C681A41E9607.jpeg
  3. I don’t have any outlet bags but this is awful quality!
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  4. I also don’t have a leather outlet bag. But I have bought saffiano zip wallet and the inside zipper pull leather was torn. The glazing felt apart just under 6 months of use. I took it to the store and they refused to fix it, they said they don’t repair stuff bought from outlet. At that time I was buying a new wallet in the store and they said if something wrong happen to the wallet just bring it to the store.

    Then I saw galleria bag in outlet in italy. It was almost half the price from retail with tax refund. I was so tempted but couldn’t dare based on my wallet experience. Are you in Italy? Can you bring it back to the outlet for repair?
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  6. I'm STUNNED! The fact the snap cracked is shocking. I have a Saffiano Galleria I bought in a Prada flagship boutique in 2012 and its still pristine. There is no cracking whatsoever on my bag and I use it a lot.

    If they told you they won't repair outlet merchandise then thats a massive red flag regarding outlet merchandise.
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  7. I bought my Saffiano wallet in retail few years back, wanna send back to repair in its Manchester retail (i accidentally soaked it in water and the leather cracked! Its still within warranty period). They kept it for around 2-3 months and eventually sent it back to me without any repair, like not doing anything on the wallet itself... quite disappointed in its services. If they dont want to repair it, might as well just tell me beforehand?
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  8. Oh wow! Shame on Prada for not accepting a repair!
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  9. It is disgusting, they still have to uphold the law in regards to customer service, I would Twitter them, shocking.
  10. Which outlet did you purchase it from? Just so that everyone is aware that their quality is so poor
  11. Wow this makes me scared to use the bag I purchased. I saw it in store and purchased it. Now I'm trying to do my research on it and can find no videos about it or any replies on TPF.

    I don't mind MFF bags but - my issue is spending money and not receiving the quality. SMH Thinking I may return.