Is this normal ring scratching???

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  1. I took the plunge and got my first DE, the Duomo Hobo. I think I love it, just getting used to not having a mono bag.

    My question is, do the rings normally come this scratched up?

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  2. Definitely not.
  3. Mine came the same way. I was upset when I received it but decided to keep it and no regrets.
  4. Bummer, maybe I got sent someone's return. I have to order online as there are no stores in my state. Guess I am off to chat up c/s.
  5. a new bag shouldn't have these scratches -- exchange it for another one
  6. Really? Maybe it's just how they are? It has more scratches than my 2013 delightful (although that has leather on the ring).
  7. It shouldn't be like that even with use. I hope you get a new one without issues.
  8. Oh my goodness no, they should not be scratched up like that to start with. They should be perfect except maybe a few very minor hairline scratches.
  9. Ok, chatted with c/s and they are emailing me a return label and will ship me a new one out. Fingers crossed the new one is scratch free.
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  10. That looks terrible! You did the right thing to return.
  11. you did the right thing, doing the exchange. Let us know how it goes when you get the next one.
  12. +1

    I agree.
  13. Good luck on the new one! :smile:
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