Is this normal or a defect?

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  1. I just received my small reissue and it's gorgeous. I noticed however that the vertical edge of the flap does not line up perfectly with the body of the bag underneath and therefore the bag below is protruding laterally when you look at the bag straight on. I took this picture after placing items in the bag so that it would be in it's regular, functional position (ie not folded) and the problem is even more obvious and exaggerated. What do you think?

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  2. I have seen a few bags like this. BUT what´s important is that you´re happy with your purchase, if it bothers you return it :smile:
  3. that would bother me...can you exchange it for another one?
  4. Thanks. I think it does bother me since it's not perfect. I wanted to see what other's experiences have been though - if it's not uncommon, it may happen with another one too so I'll have to be extra careful to make sure that I get a perfect one for me.
  5. I just had a similar experience with my boy bag. there was a noticeable crease on the side of the bag and two diff areas where the leather was scraped. the SA helped me locate another one...when I received it, it was actually worse than the first one!

    I ended up keeping the original one but I'm disappointed in the quality for the amount I'm spending.
  6. I thought it was normal - without anything in the bag, it aligns perfectly but if I put slightly more stuff in one side compared to the other - it does tend protrude slightly on the "fatter" side. If I rearrange my stuff a bit so it is more evenly distributed, it doesn't protrude anymore. Probably more likely to affect smaller bags where it gets relatively more "filled" up? Just an assumption.
  7. i have a 225 and my bag looks like yours when filled with stuff. my bag can also stand. it does not have the usual fold under the bag caused by it being shipped folded. i think that the boutique stuffed the bag and stored it so that it could stand and by doing so, it caused the sides not lining up. i really think it is a storage issue. i did not and i still don't mind coz the bag will end up looking like that anyway when filled up. hope this helps!
  8. Agree. I have seen this, especially on pre owned bags as over time the sides of the bag will relax and soften with use and won't be so rigid, therefore they can stick out a bit.

    Up to you, if you are not happy return it I say.