is this normal on my classic flap?

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  1. i was looking at the interwoven chain/leather strap on my med/lg classic flap and noticed it doesn't lie perfect all the way around if that makes sense. Some parts are curved and appear on it's side, however, the strap part near the shoulder lies perfect as it curves correctly. I don't know if this is a big deal or if anyone would even notice. But for $2,ooo is this a reason to return it? has anyone noticed this as well or am i being "too picky?"
  2. I have noticed on all my classic flaps...the leather part seems to snake one way or the other....I think it is normal.....GULP....I hope so, some of mine are vintage and also do this....hope it is normal....:heart:H
  3. i think it's normal. i noticed that on a number of flaps i checked in stores.
  4. Agree :yes:

  5. Totally normal, because they don't use one piece of leather all the way round the chain (because it would cause too much strain on the leather) and usually have another piece of leather stitched to the original piece. If your leather doesn't lie flat within the chain you can try and gently manipulate it to lie flatter so that the metal doesn't cut through the leather.
  6. I had the same worry initially but after careful examination, I realised it had to be this way.
  7. yep, just like the others said it is normal- I have the smae problem
  8. Mine does too
  9. i guess what i meant was the gold chain kind of lies on its side until it gets to the shoulder, than it lies flat.
  10. i want to clarify the question i had previously. Just wondering on the med/lg classsic flap does any experience one of the interwoven straps going in one direction and the second chain another? is this normal? Should both straps be perfectly aligned? Does it matter? TIA!
  11. I think this is normal.
  12. Mine does too so I guess it's perfectly normal.
  13. Just like the others have said, I think it's normal.
    Both of my flaps chain does the same too..