Is this normal on an Azur speedy?

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  1. I might just be over-reacting...but I discovered a piece of string sticking out on one the of the corners of my Azur! :wtf:

    Is this normal:confused1:

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  2. Is it sticking out from the piping part or the canvas??? cuz in the 2nd pic it looks like it's coming out of the canvas or it might be just the angle....

    Either way, I don't think it's normal, take it back!!! I know some of my mono bags have the yellow string sticking out a lil bit like 1mm, but never THAT long! take it back!!!!!
  3. I've never seen that before. I would probably just cut it off unless the seam is actually loose. If so, I would take it back.
  4. I think it's somewhat (lol) normal, but if I were you, I would return it, if I could.
    BTW, it's soooo beautiful, I am think...think...can't do it...cause badly I already bought others this month...
  5. LOL....ok ok I'll take it back:P

    I think its sticking out from the canvas from where it meets the piping if that makes sense?
  6. :blink:

    wouldn't it be considered as a sort of a defect?

    And I'm not sure if the stitching is getting loose, but there IS two small bits of string hanging out right next to the long one :sad:
  7. 2 extra strings in addition to the large one?!?!? TAKE IT BACK!!!! lol
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Yeah, take it back, they'll understand.
  10. Misty... That is a defect. Take it back!
  11. I would just trim it, but that's just me...I am not that picky.
  12. If you are not picky, then keep it, and just cut it, but if you really want, you can go ask to the store. It can be a defect or something.
  13. I'm picky :P

    I just have this notion that the bag is going to fall apart eventually if I leave it?:shrugs:
  14. Take It Back, It's A Defect!!!
  15. IMO... I would worry about down the line like a few months or worst next year???:confused1:

    Take it back to the boutique... :flowers: