is this normal?! My paddy is so slouchy...

  1. hi
    i have an off white paddy for almost 7 months now...
    when i carried it...the shape seems change a little bit..
    it become much softer then before..and so slouchy..
    i am just wondering is this normal? or its bcz i treat her too much...
    when i put her on the chair, it just looks like "flat", unless i stuff her, its will looks like the triangle shape.

    thanks for your help.
  2. ...I think your paddington sounds just perfect!!!:love: The softer and slouchier, the better - so dont worry!! :flowers:
  3. sonja is right! Paddingtons are at their best when they take the form you described! There's nothing wrong with your bag, soft + slouchy = perfect! :heart:
  4. That is the one great things about paddingtons! The sloucher, the better. I think paddingtons look odd when they are newly stiff. IMO, the slouchy leather makes it more vintage, more deluxe looking. With all luxury leather bags it is natural for them to soften with use. It is also very appealing!
  5. wow~~i dont know that...though i love it so much..but everytime i saw another girls carried their Paddy...i always keep my eye on hers...since every Paddy looks so different...different color would have different feeling...i was always questioned come their's looks more stiff...but mine are so slouchy...
    thank you so much for answering me stupid question...:yahoo: she's perfect!!, i am not worried it anymore!!..

    btw, i am always want a box Paddy in navy color...
    but have no idea where could that be found...anybody have any idea?
    i saw one on ebay, but this coloe is kinda different than i want..dont know it is bcz of the lighting or what...
    eBay: Genuine Chloe Paddington Bleu Nuit Navy Blue Bag 2006 (item 320030206975 end time Sep-26-06 17:15:15 PDT)

    thanks in advance :love:
  6. I'm glad you're not worried anymore! Enjoy your paddy, I bet she's a beauty! :love:

    Not sure about the bag you posted... it looks a bit stiff to me...
  7. When I got my very first Paddington last year (tan) it was exactly as you described - completely flat when empty! I would compare it to other Paddingtons and always wished it sat up a little taller. I finally broke down and ordered another tan a couple months after the first one arrived and liked the new one much better. There was a big difference in shape and texture. While I don't like the stiffer, taller Paddingtons of the newer seasons I don't like them to play dead either. My two Paddys are in between both extremes, and I like it that way!
  8. Sounds perfect! The slouchier the better!
  9. Mine is also very slouchy. It's so soft and squishy. I don't own another bag like it.

    I had this bag with me when I bought my Gucci and everyone at the boutique was oohing and aahing over it. The SA made a comment about the feet on the bottom of the paddy being useless because of it being so squishy. She was right. Even with the feet, my bag still touches the surface because it's so supple.
  10. Supposed to be that way! Much better than stiff...I had the original 05 tan and mine was SUPER stiff :sad: I love the squishy leather.