Is this normal!?!! Ivory City from DIABRO.NET

  1. Hey everyone...I just purchased, amongst other things, an Ivory city from Daibro (the delivery was super fast and staff communication excellent). However I've noticed on the back of the bag there seems to be yellow dots:confused1:

    Please tell me if this is normal for the ivory city!

  2. Oh No I'd send it back and get a replacement.
  3. Well that sucks

    That's definately not normal!

    I'd contact them and let them know.... Hopefully they'll replace it for you
  4. Those spots are big, I think you should send it back too. Sometimes Bal leather has specks, but these look much bigger.
  5. I've returned to Diabro before and they were cool about it, but I had to pay for the shipping, but in your case since it's defective, they should.
  6. :huh:Ooh.. that doesn't look normal... call them asap.. to request a return. They may ask you to email those pictures to them. The only downfall is that S&H is on the purchaser, g:huh:d luck ;)
  7. I would have thought they would have checked the bag over before shipping it out. That's definitely not normal, and quite an oversight on their part!
  8. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your replies!

    I actually did email them straight away (with the pictures) and this was their reply...

    Concerning the BALENCIAGA Ivoire leathers, that is completely normal.

    Because it is a distressed goatskin, the veins and markings of the
    leather are exceptional and not like many other leathers. This is why

    the BALENCIAGA Le Dix Motorcycle bags have become so popular. The
    textures and markings of the goatskin is harder to notice in the
    darker colours, however is more prominent with the lighter colours
    especially Ivoire. The Ivoire tends to have a slightly marbled effect.

    Please do not be concerned about the yellowish markings. It is
    completely normal! We hope you can enjoy your bag and we look forward

    to hearing from you again soon!


    I mean, I understand that it has a marble effect, but what I'm seeing is spots!?:sad:
  9. I would email them the responses in this post and let them know that bbag experts think this is NOT normal. Hopefully their knowing that their reputation is on the line will cause them to reconsider their position. Also I would try to call them too.
  10. I would ask to exchange it.. that's not normal.
  11. no way is this normal! its starting to yellow i think! return it... its not worth keeping and definitely not normal... definitely not "marbling"! good luck and keep us posted!
  12. he said WHATTT!??! :cursing: it's normal for the distressing, but the yellow spots are DEFINITELY defects!! INSIST on having them exchange it!!
  13. That doesn't look like any marbeling to me, it looks like some large yellow spots. He had some nerve emailing that response to you. I hate companies that won't admit when something is wrong, it's just not right!
  14. I just got a Ivorie city from Daibro and looked it over real well after seeing your pictures, and while there is "marbling" there is no yellow spots like on yours. I would email, or call them back and tell them your not happy with the quality and want to exchange it. I just got 2 bbag from them and my mom even got one from them and they are perfect, so I hope you'll get your perfect bag as well.
  15. that's terrible. yellow spots like these are NOT normal balenciaga leather marbling/distressed/veiny characteristics. :tdown: to diabro for trying to fob you off like this. I'd expect them to replace the bag no questions asked with free shipping both ways included! good luck! I hope Diabro will change their stance on this matter.