Is this normal for gabrielle bag?

  1. IMG_0037.JPG View attachment 3702587 View attachment 3702587 i just received my gabrielle medium bag, and there is a fold line(i don't know how to explain this, i hope you understand from the pic) this normal for gabrielle ? Should i return it? This is the last gabrielle in navy black color, if i ask an exchange, they only have silver metallic one..
  2. I think it's fairly normal -- my Gabrielle folds down over itself even when there is a bunch of stuff inside. I think that I've got the same size as you, too, the large?
  3. Totally normal...nothing to worry about
  4. This is the size after the smallest one.. medium i think? The large one is after the medium right?
    So glad that you both say this is normal.. i have nothing to worry now..
    thank you
  5. It's normal, mine one has some fold lines too :P Nothing to worry about. Enjoy your bag :hbeat:
  6. You are welcome...enjoy your bag :biggrin::heart:
  7. Thank you.. i m going to take off the tag now, so i can use it:hbeat:
  8. It's normal, mine have a few lines as well.
  9. its normal - i have the gabrielle backpack and fresh out of the boutique, it had a fold/crease across the top of the bag, just like yours. i think its the nature of the leather.
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