Is this normal for CLs?

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  1. I picked up my first two pairs of CLs today. I didnt notice this at the store but the seam appears to not be fully attached to the sole of the shoe [arch area]. Im not sure if Im just being extra picky because theyre expensive shoes or if this is something to be concerned about. In general, do CLs fall apart easily?? I can return them within 30 days. Id like to keep them but if they end up coming apart, Ill be more upset.

    Here are the shoes:
    This is the seam that doesnt look quite right
  2. I don't think they'd fall apart, but I'm super anal, I'd return them and get another pair.
  3. I have a one-of a kind pair that is like this. Since CLs are handmade, they sometimes tend to have small superficial issues. I think if you can get another pair, and you'd feel more comfortable with those, then I would. But, know that CLs don't tend to have that "from the factory" perfection. they have a little more personality, if you will. ;)
  4. ITA with Jet...however these are 'your' CL's and what we may pass as unique to being handcrafted...may be a concern for you... you should be 100% pleased!
  5. Well, the problem is that these were the last pair. I got em at Saks for $177! Im just not familiar with the brand. I assumed they would be handmade which would result in slight imperfections. Its not noticeable but I wanted to make sure the shoe wouldnt come apart since usually the leather would sit flush against the sole. Hmmmm.
  6. I would totally keep them then. I suppose you could ask the store to repair them or bring them to a cobbler yourself just to make you feel good about them.
  7. Thanks ladies. I guess Ill just keep an eye out as I wear 'em and I could get the sole fixed if it happens to come apart. Hopefully that wont happen.

    Im amazed at how comfortable these shoes are!
  8. ^^ I too would take my chances if I happened upon a pair of brand new CL's for under $200. Great find. Enjoy them!!
  9. keep them for that price! changed my mind!
  10. great great price. i wouldnt be bothered. :smile:
  11. Its a fixable problem .... $177 is a steal! Congrats!