Is this normal? (Caviar Jumbo)

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  2. It will sag with time. I wonder if they left it stored underneath a book by accident or something.

    Mine has a sagging problem on one of the sides, nowhere near as bad as that.
  3. Yes. It may sag with time. But if the bag is as squished as that, the seller must have used it more than once. Or, maybe she bought the bag pre-owned also and did not mention it. There is no way :nogood: a brand new bag used just once will look like that. Unless she didn't store it well.
  4. It looks like it was not stored correctly.
  5. hmm, if flap will sags over time, applies to all the sizes of flaps?
  6. All old flaps will get saggy with time, especially a larger one like the jumbo. However, even if it was stored improperly, I doubt this was only ONE use... a few perhaps, but that certainly doesn't look like one! ;)
  7. Looks to me it's probably due (as others said) to improper storage.
  8. She still managed to get $1900.00 for it!
    She didn't store it well.
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the older model with the shorter flap holds up better in terms of stiffness? I've found that the newer jumbos are softer and more susceptible to loosing perfect form....however, you're right, this does seem a bit excessive, like it wasn't stored properly.
  10. Question about the storage you lay your Jumbos flat or up? I know the GST needs to lay flat, but what about the flaps?
  11. Flaps need to stay up.
  12. I never thought about keeping it flat or up, but I am careful to store mine in its box with the stuffing in it.