Is this normal? Balenciaga city bag - too slouchy

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  1. Hi
    Is this normal
    My bag will be pulled like this whenever i wear the shoulder strap
  2. More pic
  3. Is this how yours look like too ?
  4. Yes... this is normal. And the bag will break in and fall a bit more "naturally" as the leather softens. However, that "slouch" is what makes many bal lovers, bal lovers... the bags intentionally lack structure and "puddle" or fall in on themselves with regular use. The slouch is slightly less pronounced when carried by the handles, but if that is not a way that works comfortably for you, it is good to know that the bag will only get "slouchier" with time. I hope you are not too disappointed... it's a beautiful bag, and perhaps it will just take a little time to get accustomed to something new.
  5. There are so many threads in this forum with DIY's on getting your Bal to slouch more and picture threads showing the slouchiest Bal's :lol:
    Bal is ALL about the slouch!

    That said, as s.tighe mentioned, if you don't like that, it is only with use that a Bal gets really slouchy and you can, to a certain extent, avoid it by always carrying it by the handle.
  6. That is the big appeal to this brand and to the moto line. The casual slouchyness. :smile:
  7. Thanks so much for your reply
    Really appreciate it
    Hopefully it will fall more naturally
    I love slouchy bag but i was just worried when i use the shoulder strap it will damage the bag because it seems to pull the leather to one side
    It is a really beautiful bag
    Love it so much and the smell is so heavenly :smile:
  8. Auww thats great to hear
    Thanks so much
    Yeah i have the feeling i will be using the handle more than the shoulder strap
  9. Thank you
    Ive decided to keep the bag
    It is indeed a very beautiful bag and so in love with the smell
    Hopefully the smell is permanent :lol:
  10. Just wanted to add that carrying it with the shoulder strap does wear the top edge coat (the rubbery edges along the top) a little faster than you would without. But then again, you would wear out the handles more by using the handles, it's just wear and tear, nothing you can do to prevent that if you want to use it. :biggrin: hth!
  11. Hi there
    thanks for sharing
    im more comfortable using the handles
    hopefully it wont wear out so soon...
    im super in love with this bag :smile:
  12. Love the color and the "smooshiness" is completely normal.
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  13. Mine is a year old and it always has been smooshy. I love that!
  14. Ah yes hun its normal but if you dont wanna the leather to break and be really slouchy, u can add just minimal amount of stuff in ur bag. The heavier the bag , the more slouchy it gets over time.
  15. Mine looks just like that! Love the look with the handles but not a fan with the shoulder strap so I never wear it like that...