Is this new??

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  1. I am wondering if this is new. I just found this in the web site tonite. And I am thinking to get the Camel one. What do you ladies think??:sweatdrop:

  2. Its been on the website for at least a couple of weeks, can't remember how long exactly. I like it.:yes:
  3. Hi, It's a very nice bag, I saw in it my local Coach store, the strap is longer( even when at the shortest ) than previous East West styles, has more of a drop so sits lower on the body. Beautiful leather and detailing though !! I love the shape of the style and it looks roomy as it has a wider base.
  4. I hadn't noticed it either, but it's really cute in the camel!
  5. I've been looking at this bag too...I love the slouch.
  6. I like's the right size and all. Go for it.
  7. I have been looking at that bag for my mom for over a month now. I really think that it is a classic bag. It doesn't look like it would be dated at all.

    It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It is a great duffle that things won't just fall to the bottom and get lost.

    BUY IT!!!
  8. I am still debating. I hear new stuff are coming out tommorrow. So I want to wait to see what they are having. I like the legency shoulder bag, but $399 is too expensive for me.
  9. Saw it in the store - very nice bag. Trying to talk myself out of it lol.
  10. My friend bought it in black signature a couple of weeks ago an she is happy with it. It is light weight and easy to get into and the strap is long enough so she can wear it across her body if she wishes. The only thing I have heard her say is the strap does not lie flat when she wears it as a shoulder bag.
  11. That looks very classy and simplistic. I LIKE it!
  12. I just came back from the store at my lunch time. It looks much better in the web site. I don't like it once I saw it. The color is so different.

  13. The Color Is A Little Off On The Site....careful!
  14. Thanks for letting me know. I have to see this in person I guess. :yes: