Is This New?

  1. I was just looking at the LV site and I saw that they have the Pochette Bosphore listed in the Damier colors.
    Is this new, or did I just overlook it earlier?
    I may have to add it to my collection!
  2. it's new :smile:. think only release in this last 1-2 month?
  3. yes it's new. there will be a damier bosphore and one in azur.
  4. its nice. :smile: i checked it out. :drool:
  5. Oh i really want one.
  6. I think it is cute, but I would never use it. It would just sit in the box like my denim mini pleaty...
  7. Not even. It was just released this month. I think the Azur isn't out until around November in the states/Canada. It's out in japan, though.
  8. yes they are new!