is this new or old leather?

  1. Is this the new or old leather?
    I really love this bag, the leather, looks so yummy;) . I dont have any B-bag yet. But im willing to buy if the leather looks like Miss Moss bag:love:
    All the Balenciaga bag that I seen in the boutique at the moment are very shining.
    I wondering how is the new leather (that u guys been talking about in another thread) looks like..hmmm...:noworry:
  2. Older - the silver hardware was stopped on the regular bags in s/s 2003, so either its fake (which I doubt, cos its Kate Moss), or its circa 2002/03.
  3. Maybe it's just the photo, but the leather on that bag looks really odd. :unsure:
  4. Yes, it looks odd but the bag is definately authentic. It's the old leather, I remeber her carrying two or three years ago and anyway as english girl said, silver hardware means that the bag was made before 2003
  5. it's older... i've never felt the older... wanna wanna!
  6. she must really love that bag! Anybody else noticed that one of the studs in the middle part is gone? :biggrin:
  7. old leather
  8. hi , check out the "documenting leather variations" thread. i posted today some pics of my black city with silver hardware that is very much like this one. i also posted a close up of 4 very different leather bags, the best in my opinion is my ss 04 city which looks very much like kates. its very soft and hangs like hers when carried. not as structured like the newer ones. check out the pics! on page 5 and 6
  9. wow. thanks for posting the picture ika- it looks like a VERY old city bag. Check out the buckles at the bottom, square. Must've came out during the flat brass era.
  10. ^ yeah, I'm thinking late '02-early '03 maybe?
  11. thanks,,,,im going to check it now:smile: