Is this new MC tote bag?? looks cute....

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  1. :heart:Hi Chanel ladies, need your advice here..
    i saw this bag at current NM catalog, is this newer version of MC tote. seems like the style is little different from what Ashley Tisdale been carrying. this is more like hobo?? and if anybody know the dimension? TIA :p
    mc tote.jpg
  2. Hmm...I can't see it close enough but it looks like it might only have one strap, like a hobo? I know it had issues with the chain and alot of people didn't like it but I LOVE this ligne. I think it's much prettier worn than in pictures.
  3. I bought this in the flap and got compliments on the bag ALL the time. I did worry about the strap with all the problems people have had, so I've just sent mine back. This hobo does look pretty though. I've heard the problem with the chain has been fixed but I guess only time will tell.
  4. The bag in the pic is the hobo version with one strap. The one that Ashley Tisdale has is the E/W tote, same price as the hobo. I've also heard that the issue has been fixed, with a more durable strap. I love the new MC line, so cute and lightweight!
  5. i was at d boutique yesterday - the SA confiirmed that the strap issue has been fixed. has anyone seen this in any other color? have only seen black and white so far.
  6. i love this ligne as well and hope to buy one oh so soon
  7. Thats really cute!

    is there a way to we can make the pic bigger?
    I'd like to get a better look.
  8. lets see if I did this right, I am trying to en large the picture
    mc tote.jpg
  9. guess it didnt work for me,
    by the way what page is this on in the catalog...
    I want to call Neimans CSR and ask them some questions
  10. yeah, i got the pic also from most recent NM catalog. so i can not make it bigger. thx for your info ladies.. that bag looks pretty in catalog. and i also heard the problem of chain is fixed now. i just not sure about the measurement, but i think the price of this hobo is 2250. sent this pic of my SA at Saks, he hasnt seen this new mc hobo style yet. that was the first time he saw the picture too...
  11. I love the MC tote, but I prefer the older style.
  12. I love this...anyone have an idea on price? I'm not very well-versed in Chanel.
  13. this is also posted in the Chanel Catalog Codes sticky in the Shopping Forum if anyone needs page # or order info.
  14. I love this tote, try it IRL very cute not so heavy like her sister but the chain feels fragile SA said don't put too many things inside..

    I've enlarged the pic, sorry little bit blur..
  15. ^ Don't put too many things inside?! Oh no! For $2250 I better be able to put whatever I want in my bag! My big bags aren't big for looks, they're big for use!