Is This New For Fall...dior?

  1. [​IMG]
    Found this on Elux just now..I am so confused.:shocked: .is this a new Fall bag...or what?I am home with vertigo right if I seem off..LOL....over 2000.00...looks ginormous.
    seriously...Has anyone seen this bag IRL?
  2. Wow, that is huge. It looks like it has 'mini' straps!
  3. it's pretty big! LOL!
    I don't know if it's new or not:
  4. I think it's new, I don't think the old tote was zippered like that, nor did it look this large. I am definitely not a fan of this style though. The old tote had better balance, but I may be just crazy altogether. The color looks like the summer brown though. Maybe it's a year round color now.
  5. wow... looks like a weekender!
  6. Not my style for a Gaucho. I like it when its slung over the shoulder. This one looks like a cowboy's briefcase.
  7. :yes: :biggrin:
  8. That shape definitely doesn't go with the style of the gaucho. I still prefer the medium style the best.
  9. nope don't like. doesn't look proportional. the medium is the best IMO.