is this my observation only??

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  1. i had the embossed leather flap satchel and as i told my story in one of the previous threads that i took it out of the box and was brand new but it came out of the box damaged.i returned it but the other day i was at the outlet and there were tons of them on clearance and what i observed was that there is something wrong with the leather on this particular bag as the bags had cracks in the leather and the color of the leather was not was faded at different spots. so i guessed that it is the problem with this particular leather in general. did anyone else observe that too.
  2. No Summer, you're not the only one. I posted in one of the earlier threads, I bought the carryall at the outlet in mahogany. I had originally bought the flap satchels in mahongany and parchment, then when I got them home I noticed some inconsistencies in the leather. I took them back, and looked through about 10 carryalls at one outlet, and about 9 at a second outlet before I found one that was acceptable to me. I loved this bag when it first came out, so I was determined to have one, but usually if I have to check something out so closely and keep finding things I don't like I pass on it.

    I noticed on the mahogany ones that some of the bags had different colored panels, like one side looked a tad lighter than the other. Also, all the different leather pieces, the straps and corners, etc., would have different grains. I like my bags to be consistent, either all smooth or all pebbly, but not both on the same bag.