Is this Muscade...or Whiskey? Large Paddington Satchel from NM

  1. Hi guys,

    I purchased my first Chloe - the "Large Paddington Satchel" - from Neiman Marcus online in "Whiskey". However, when the bag arrived, there were tags in the interior pocket that read "Muscade". Can anyone look at these pics and identify the bag's true color? I have posted pics below.

    Thanks a bunch! :p
  2. this looks like muscade!
  3. i agree...i think the muscade has the darker topstitching...doesn't whiskey have the lighter stitching, like the ediths??
  4. How confusing. I think the store boobed up the description online. Actually from the photos your bag resembles my TAUPE Paddy. Go figure....
  5. I'm thinking this looks like muscade (nutmeg) too?!
    Def not whiskey (<---see my avatar)
  6. I have a mucade zippy and it is that exact color. Definately Mucade...
  7. I agree, looks like muscade!!
  8. Agreed! Definite muscade/nutmeg and not whiskey! She's very pretty!
  9. Thanks leanbeanee! At first I was upset that I received a different color than I had ordered, but I have to admit I LOVE the bag.... its a match made in heaven for me! :yes:
  10. I think this is muscade...but I also think that this is the medium version of the paddington buckle satchel and not the large. The larger version is about 15x10 and it has the strap that goes around the bottom part. I think this measures about the size of a regular paddy, or a bit taller, but the same length. :graucho:
  11. Beanie, I think you're right. Wow, NM really dorked up the product description!

    I measured my bag and it is 11 inches long by 8-9 inches tall. So I do think this is the medium bag and not a large as advertised!!!