Is this Mulberry Ltd edition for real???

  1. Unfortunately it does look like something Mulberry would produce. They seem to have this thing for pea green!
    I've not come across this bag so not sure if it's genuine or not. I didn't spot it at the factory shop sale although there were plain bags in that yucky green colour.
  2. Unfortunately, I have had the dubious pleasure of seeing this fine specimen in real life, and can confirm it is hideous! :yucky:
  3. Yep its real! Not my choice of colours but someone might like it!:smile:
  4. Very creative color combo...:sweatdrop:
  5. Yep I saw it for real too. I hate the tooled bags, they're gross.
  6. Lordie, what on earth were Mulberry thinking??
    They do some truly beautiful bags and then they come up with a monstrosity like this.
    I've never been keen on the tooled bags, not their finest moment.
    Apologies to anyone who may have this bag!
  7. Unh...... It is kind of unique.
  8. I don't get this bag at all. The color combinations is awful.
  9. They did this colour combination in the small prairie too - it looked even more hideous on a small bag. They were practically giving them away at the factory shop on one occasion when I went there, but it still wouldn't entice me to purchase one.
  10. It makes me feel sea sick . . .
  11. Yikes, that bag is somehow oddly displaced in timespace...

    I could not get away with wearing this bag as it contradicts my entire wardrobe, but I think the right person could pull it off well. It screams "Western Earth Mamma" and I could picture a casual jeans and cowboy boot wearing lady toting this with style. It looks like it would weather well. Maybe a couple layers of dust would tone down that color contrast...
  12. :push: What have mulberry been thinking...????

    Tooled bayswaters can be beautiful though - I have one in chocolate and it's gorgeous but this one with a :yucky: colour combo really looks like a mistake!!!

    Now this is a cute tooled: