Is this marketing email from Fashionphile cultural appropriation?

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  1. What do you think?
  2. No.
  3. I think there is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural references.
  4. Yes... just like the word "savage" that is everywhere now.
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  5. No. Too many people are looking for things to offend them.
  6. Personally, I totally cringed when I saw this email earlier today. Full disclosure, I m currently teaching a course on Native American dramatic literature so I m a bit immersed in this topic at present.
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  7. Is it the tagline or the zebra print that concerns you? Or both?
  8. I see no issue. They are showing animal print and "spirit animal" seems to be a pretty common phrase these days.
  9. Is Puccini’s Madam Butterfly cultural appropriation? Or oriental perfumes by western perfumers? Or Russian dolls on designer clothes?
    When people live together, they learn from each other thereby enriching each other's culture. I always thought it is good. I personally am proud when I see references to my culture - it means that people appreciate it. Why do you see offence in it?
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  10. I agree with this though there are people who would consider those things you mentioned cultural appropriation. IMO, it is a first world problem to spend so much time worrying about cultural appropriation. A bunch of someones who had a lot of time in an academic setting developed it.

    To the original post, the concept of spirit animals are used in many cultures.
  11. I wear animal prints
    And oh my, I just realised I’m wearing Levi’s 501 in Dubai. How culturally inappropriate of me, apologies to all cowboys in the world
  12. NO.
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  13. I don’t think it is appropriate. It’s the use of another culture’s spiritual beliefs to advertise. And that seems disrespectful to me. This is something they hold sacred. Don’t use it to sell shoes.

    (Also it almost implies skinning your spirit animal for accessories. Which is a bit of a no no.)
  14. Thank you... why is this hard to understand? I’ll never get why people who aren’t in the marginalized group decide it’s ok. It’s not up to you.
  15. Since you asked, I think it’s beautiful, specific cultural implications are absent, one would really have to search to prove them.
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