Is this Marine?

  1. It just seems a lot lighter than the marine bags I've seen. What do you think?
    bluebag.JPG bluebagflash.JPG bluebagwjeans.JPG bluebagjeansflash.JPG bluebag2.JPG
  2. It seems like it. :shrugs: What is the year on the auth card?
  3. Looks like it...
  4. 2007.

    Just seems lighter to me so getting other opinions. I prefer the really dark blue/black marines
  5. The pics depict a blue that is much lighter than the ones I have seen IRL.
  6. Then for sure it is the Marine.:yes: Actually i like it. I had never seen the Twiggy in this color but I saw a City at my NM that was really dark. I like yours better.:drool:
  7. Thanks! I'm still trying decide whether to keep it or not. I have 28 days to return it.

    I'm just not sure blue is my colour:sad:
  8. I really don't think that is Marine. It doesn't look at ALL like my weekender or the other bags I looked at.

    My bag is actually lighter than most of the Marine items I saw and my bag is a true navy color.
  9. Is this the mystery Twiggy from Holt's?
  10. It sure is. The pics with the flash are pretty true to colour. See what I mean by it being indigoish...just not quite as bright.

    I'm guessing its an odd lot of marine leather only because it cant be anything else!
  11. It looks like Marine, Blueberry, & Indigo... all blended together!!!
  12. This is definitely not Marine. Marine is navy...very dark and rich blue.

    This one looks more like Bleu Glacier....however, I'm also thinking that possibly the Balenciaga "season" tags got switched and this might actually be Blueberry from Fall 2006....or even Cornflower from SS 06 (the color on the bags vary slightly w/ each of your photos so it's hard to tell).

    When I got my Blueberry Work at Neimans and it had a 2007 card with extra someone had confused Marine and Blueberry...this could possibly be the same as your situation.
  13. It looks different from the one that I saw that I thought might have been Anthracite. I hate how Holt's orders their Balenciagas, they'll get like ONE bag in ONE colour and ONE style. I think you're right, what else could it be but Marine? It just look so light...
    BTW, did I read correctly that you have 30 days to return it? I didn't realize Holt's return policy was that generous (I've never bought a b-bag from there because of the pricing)...what's their policy on designer bag returns?
  14. You know...I had that thought too, about the tags being switched. It REALLY looks like Blueberry.
    SpecialK- what does the metal plate say?
  15. Blueberry I can believe. It's definitely not Bleu Glacier. The SA pulled out 6 Bleu Glaciers and they were all super light blue/grey, veiny and shiny.

    I'm just confused because I go to Holts almost every 2 weeks to check out the bbag collection and 2 twiggys like this just popped up last week. I compared it to the Marine Matelasse and its definitely lighter but nowhere close to bleu glacier.