is this marc jacobs dress worth the money?

  1. It is a cute dress and will be flattering on tall and lean girls, not for petites.
  2. It would not look flattering on me; this fits into my category of dreaded dresses. As I wrote in the 'do you look down on people wearing padded bra' thread, there are A LOT of clothes that I dare not wear because my chest is a middle (-small) C and this is one of them.

    V-line makes it such that it look flattering only if you have a flat chest (like the mannequin). For me I would look like a tart unless I wear a strapless whatever inside. So all in all you have to be willowy - for the height as well :smile:
  3. I actually think it is really cute- I am not convinced that the V line goes down too low that you need to be flat chested- I'm convinced you could wear a bra with it. Why is the pink/black one cheaper than the blue/green one??

    Either way I actually love it!!
  4. I like it. The marc jersey dresses are very thick, soft jersey, a very nice material indeed.
    I purchased the marc one shoulder jersey dress from NAP, a few weeks ago, in the navy blue and it is gorgeous, its too heavy for summer right now, but will be fab in the autumn, and has been reduced again, so another to consider (its a steal ;))
  5. how does the one shoulder fit? i've been umming and aahing over that for ages, even when it was full price!
  6. I own this dress and it looks great on me (the blue green colour).. It fits close on the torso, the wide straps are flattering and hide bra straps. I have large breasts (34D) and it looks really flattering on me!

    The part where te fitted torso ends and the skirt starts is great as it hides larger hips!

    I lurve my dress (wish I had waited for it to go on sale though :smile:)

    PLease tell me if you need photos. I am a girl with a small waist big bum and big boobs! I dont know if it will help.
  7. I agree , the dress is gorgeous, the way the bottom half flows looks very sexy. :heart:
  8. i'm not worried about not being flat chested for the top, i've got a C chest but thankfully i'm 20 so the girls still stand at attention without a bra, if ya know what i mean. i've got a tummy, so i like dresses that are constructed sorta like that. hmmm. i'm not what you'd call 'tall and willowy.' i'm 5'6....ahh! i can't decide!
  9. I feel like buying it... but why is the black and pink cheaper? I think they would both be great for autumn.

    Hey amanda- let's do it!!!!!
  10. I :heart: the blue green color!!
    I am so getting it!:yahoo:
  11. I hope this helps!

    This is me in the blue and green. Sorry for the bad quality photos.
    Its very comfortable, but you need to take a flat tummy, it shows all lumps in bumps (as u can see with me!).
    DSC00853.JPG DSC00857.JPG
  12. well my tummy's not flat, but it will be some day! and may i just say, what a smokin' body you have, hun!

    i'm gonna wait a few hours, i have to go return some stuff, but i think i may be ordering the pink and black when i get back, megs!
  13. Oh thank you thank you! This is the first time I had the guts to post a photo after my op! YAY! :wlae:
  14. They don't have the pink and black in my size :sad: How does it fit? What sizing would you recommend- etc?