Is this Manalo a daytime shoe??

  1. This is listed under daytime wear. I love it,:heart: but not sure if that's how peolpe really wear it. Would not have been my first thought. Does anyone have this shoe and if so how do you wear it?? Would anyone elase wear during the day??? I am so cunfussed. :confused1:
    Thanks in advance!~!!
  2. Nice but def not daywear
  3. I was so surprized because I have seen several pairs like this listed right under daytime. I thought maybe it was just me.
  4. ^^ Not just you!! I can't see how to wear these during the day except maybe in the summer with a dress.
  5. I do lov e it though!
  6. When I think of daywear I think of what is appropriate to wear to an office, and even though I work in a creative field, I wouldn't wear these to the office.
  7. I would never wear the Sedaraby style during the daytime unless it was to a wedding, church (I'm Hindu, but you get the idea), or brunch. lol

    Cute shoes though!
  8. I was starting to think I was way too casual if this was daytime:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Agree with's really more of a nighttime shoe. Although that wouldn't stop Carrie Bradshaw from wearing it during the day, but she didn't have a 9 to 5 job either!
  10. While I agree with the ladies here and would personally not categorize this as a "day" shoe, I would wear it during the day. I mean think about it... a clean pair of dark jeans, a crisp white button down, this great pair of shoes, and a great bag- what outfit could be more basic and perfect? It could be very casual chic KWIM!:p
  11. It's cute but definitely don't daytime wear. Usually CL d'orsays can be worn during the day but Manalos are most often evening wear. Or maybe it's just me, but that's what I have noticed.
  12. Agreed. To much "glam" for daytime but I LOVE this shoe!
  13. I totally agree! I have seen this style so many other times on the NM & BG sites also listed under "daytime" so I finally had to question it. Too bad they are not on sale, only one size left, still no sale.
  14. How much do they retail for? Are you planning on buying a pair that is similar? I will keep my eyes open for similar ones that are on sale :yes:
  15. Nice shoes but def not day wear!