is this m by mj bowler still avail?

  1. whats the chance i can find this arm candy? i tried to google it with no luck. :crybaby: i think this is last seasons. in the black or dark brown.. TIA

  2. It pops up once in a while on the Bloomingdales website. Other than that, I'm afraid there's only eBay!!
  3. Yeah, that color especially was very popular. Somewhere in another thread someone said that MBMJ was coming out with another red color for Fall 2007. I don't know if the bowler style will be available though. Good luck!
  4. I just returned a black bowler to bloomies 2 days ago. You should check the website at least twice a day. I bought a moss and black bowler in the same week by watching that site like a hawk!!:graucho: I'll post again when i get the notice.
  5. That bag is one of my all-time favorite bags--a real winner from MMJ. I hope you can find one. I got one last year from Zappo's but haven't seen them on there for awhile.
  6. that is IMPOSSIBLE To find!!!! i had been watching eBay like a hawk forever for a green or blue one to pop up and NOTHING finally the green one did but i had to bid 300 to win it... and it was USED!!! so you will have to pay big time for one. The green looks brown to me. So get the green one if it pops up on eBay
  7. the black one went for 600 on ebay not every long ago...
  8. OMG! Was it new??? The original retail was around $400.:nuts:
  9. It's gone again!:sad: I keep missing this one!