Is this lovely Ball noche or hazelnut?

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  1. Hi ladies, I am falling totally in love with the ball bag and found two on bluefly! But they seem to have two mystery light brown ball bags, one of which is same color as the one that iluvhandgs bought, and the other one is some other "light brown". Do you think this is the noche or hazelnut? I actually would prefer a little darker, so if this is the noche, I am going for the hazelnut! TIA:yes:

  2. ^^^ This is what BV term Noce, which is commonly known as hazelnut. The darker brown is Ebano, which is like chocolate with 60% cocoa.
  3. So just to get this clear, but Noce and Hazelnut actually refers to the same colour? Just different names?

    Cos this is def getting me confused... :confused1:
  4. Yes. ^^^I've also seen this color called chestnut on another site. Noce is the light/med. brown.

  5. mypolardog, you should check out the thread that I started about my Bluefly ball bag. I think that it'll be a crapshoot if you order from Bluefly. :shrugs: If you do order, hopefully you'll get the shade that you want -- unlike me. :sad: