Is this love?

  1. My BF of over 2 years has recently bought a new car :yahoo:

    It's really exciting for him, because it's his first car, and he is going from a 99 Honda Civic with way over 100,000 miles on it to a brand spakin' new 07 Mercedes!

    My question... While we were at the dealership picking up the car, before he had even finished signing all the paper word, he slid a key to the new car over to me. His exact words, "Don't get a scratch on it." By "it", he meant the key.

    I have never recieved jewlery from him. For our 2 year anniversary he put a bass box (that he build himself) and new speakers in my car for me. I always joke that it was sooo romantic... hehehe! He is very thoughtful, but I am wondering if someday he will propose?

    You all seem more wise than I and any thoughts or comments are welcome! What do you think?
  2. Some guys are bit dense and need help in the romance department. I'm assuming your guy may be one of those. If you think he's a keeper, let him know what you'd like him to do to be more "romantic" but don't come right out and ask. Men like to think that things they do are THEIR ideas. If they get a hint that you are trying to "train" them (which let's face it, Ladies, we ARE!), they can get balky.

    Is this playing games? Sure, but so is "Don't scratch [the key]." Clearly he adores you or you wouldn't HAVE the key.;)
  3. Hey Prada, thanks for the advice. He really seems like a keeper to this point and I am completely crazy for him. I think I need help with how to drop the hints. I do romantic things for him and try to say things like, "that is what every girl loves," when we see romantic things in a movie or something. Boys are so complicated!
  4. Toss out some things you would like him to do of a romantic nature. There are enough females on this forum that I KNOW we can come up with a way to nudge your BF along.:graucho:

    Here's one to start, from my perspective of romance anyway:

    Most women love to get flowers delivered, especially to their offices. Say that you would like BF to do that for you. Something along the lines of "The sweetest thing happened at work today! "Jane's" boyfriend sent her some flowers with a note that said "I miss you, was thinking about you and can't wait to see you tonight." To which you add "Don't you think that was the most ROMANTIC thing? I got so teary eyed!"

    If he doesn't get THAT, it's time for the heavy artillery! :ninja:

    Seriously, sometimes you just have to come right out and TELL THEM what you want/like in the way of romance. The bottom line though, some guys just aren't good at it and you may be the one that needs to make the moves in that department. ;)