Is this long for let-trade?

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  1. I made my first let-trade purchase this past week. My tracking says:

    30-Nov-2006 Hong Kong Departed.
    United States of America Arrived and is being processed. 1-Dec-2006 United States of America Pending customs inspection.

    That's the last entry. Do they mean Dec. 1st in HK or US Pacific time? I know they're a day ahead and it's the HK Post web site so I suppose they shipped Nov. 29 for us. My bag's not here yet.:s
  2. I think its still at customs?
  3. I wouldn't worry as it's the weekend. One of the bags I received from them said it was still at customs on the weekend and I received it on Monday!! I am sure it will be fine!
  4. Don't worry, you should get your bag on Monday. Your bag should clear custom tonight or tomorrow morning. Good luck!
  5. Thanks, peace of mind right here.:P I'm pretty excited. I just dread a call from customs. I don't mind paying since I got a good deal, but the hassle can be frustrating.
  6. You shouldn't have any trouble with customs with parcels from LT:yes:
  7. Don't worry, it will probably be delivered on Monday :smile: