Is this lizard?

  1. looks like lizard to me. I do not have an H lizrd but I do have other lizrd handbags and the "grain" looks the same
  2. It looks like lizard, but I thought lizard was only made into smaller bags?
  3. Yeah, that's what I was told too. The lizards hadn't been growing big enough so now they could only make them in 25cm. Therefore, that'd mean this green lizard 30cm is VERY RARE and most likely a really really special order!!

    I've always preferred lizard in smaller items, but the vert anis lizard looks gorgeous in that pic!
  4. Lizard's only come in 25cm. Janefinds sells authentic handbags but this izard. I gotta see what size this is.
  5. I'm pretty sure the size is a 30cm. The cognac ostrich birkin next to it is the same size and janefinds is selling that one on eBay and listing it as 30cm. The fuchsia ostrich looks like a 35cm but I'm not sure since it's placed more in front. So ... that green lizard Birkin could've been a much older Birkin, back when the reptiles are bigger ... dunno.
  6. It really looks like lizard to me..:shrugs: .maybe it was a gigant,:wtf: big'ol lizard!:graucho:
  7. Geez.....that's some lizard!!!!
  8. I think it looks like lizard too
  9. Maybe the owner got the Birkin before the lizards start going anorexic. They need to put those little reptiles on steroids, I'd like to see a lizard 28cm Kelly!!
  10. I think I need to get a compact Bearn in vert anis lizard now ...

    OMG! What's wrong with me!?? It's not pink!!!! I actually wanted to something that's not pink... :huh:
  11. I almost bought that same pink ostrich bag. (kicking myself now, of course). It looks so pretty next to the green! OUch!
  12. I'll bet vert anis would be very attractive in ostrich!
  13. I've seen vert anis ostrich in a small trim and a small bolide, it's totally TDF!! Vert Anis is such a gorgeous color and in ostrich it just pops!