Is this limited/runway????

  1. Hey all, I saw this sort of silver LV at a boutique today, actually 2 of them in that color but 2 different designs and I was wondering if any one has pics or knows what they may be? I don't know how much they were, I'm guessing way more than the usual prices. I'm thinking fall runway or something? I didn't get to try them on but they were pretty.
  2. silver? the only thing i can think of is miroir. maybe its the new suhali color?
  3. nope not miroir or anything I've ever seen before! Its a completely new design! I had to go in a hurry, I figured I'd find out later. But now I'm thinking that I may want to get it...
  4. Oh no, a completely new design and it's silver??? Not the Miroir Lockit and not the silver Suhali Lockit --- what can that be??
  5. hmm the next thing i can think of is the limelight clutch. but i don't think it comes in other styles. this is certainly a mystery.
  6. Hope someone has more info on this silver mystery bag.
  7. i wish i could help... it sounds really cute!
    are you SURE it wasnt silver suhali?
  8. Nope! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that it was monogrammed. I wish I stayed longer so I could describe it better..i barely remember what it looks like!